EcoDistrict Updates

Minister McKenna with EcoDistrict staff and volunteers

EcoFair Encourages Canadians to Take Action on the Environment

EcoFair Encourages Canadians to Take Action on the Environment June 9, 2016 Ottawa, ON – Today the Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict (OCED) hosted EcoFair on Sparks Street, a brand new event that brought over 50 local environmental groups and other organizations together in the same place. It
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Sustainable Showcase – Purple Urchin

Clean Soap and Green Candles Being an environmentally conscious local business, the Purple Urchin is well researched in environmental impact. They strive to reduce the impact that their business operations has on the environment as much as possible. They use environmentally friendly i
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Information on Park and Cycle locations

Take Advantage of NCC Park and Cycle Locations

The National Capital Commission (NCC) has a program in place where people can drive to one of their many parking lots and leave their car for the day. This allows them to cycle into work without having to travel unreasonable distances. Since most cycling trips to work and other places
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HP Powers Change

Business Sustainability on a Large Scale: A Success Story HP Canada is the only IT company listed on the Canada’s greenest employers list, they work tirelessly to reduce their environmental impact. They have many environmental iniatives including a carpool service, HP Canada Bic
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EcoDriving: Save fuel and the environment

You know automated driving is on it’s way. The artificial intelligence programmed into these soon-to-be widespread cars can detect surroundings, avoid obstacles, and maximize fuel consumption. These cars calculate exactly how to drive more environmentally. But while we wait for
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Dutch Street Design with Mobycon

The Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict hosted an interactive “Think-Tank Conversation” on February 11th about bicycle routes, transportation networks, public spaces as well as complete streets. Two special guests from Mobycon International where there to present their findings, fou
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terra20 Saving for Change Banner

Saving For Change: Join The Program

The Saving for Change Program from terra20 is great way to get a little back for doing the right thing. The EcoDistrict is partnering with terra20 to get you 10% off at their two Ottawa locations and their online store. Shopping at terra20 gives you a selection of ethically manufactur
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OCED Action on Climate Change

There has been a significant amount of attention in the press on climate change recently and all three levels of government are developing or revising their plans. In addition to expected action at the federal level, the Province of Ontario is preparing to release its Cap and Trade pr
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Minto Place Transportation Survey

Minto Group conducted a survey at their Minto Place complex in October of 2014 to determine the transportation habits of residents and employees as a part of an application for LEED designation for existing buildings (LEED EB). LEED EB is a rating system that provides a consistent sca
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