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The Ottawa Centre EcoDistrct supports all forms of active transportation as well as many forms of alternative transportation that have the potential to decrease carbon emissions.


Ottawa, like any major city, has the capacity to allow for electric vehicles to reach their maximum potential, and the OCED is committed to bringing this potential into realization.


Advocating for clean, sustainable practices in Ottawa’s downtown core, EV Day is a chance to exemplify our goals of reducing our ecological impact, increasing social vibrancy, and promoting business and job growth.

EV DAY 2016



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Network Members Charge the EV Movement

National Arts Centre

Charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in the parking garage at the NAC are now on-line! Located on the lowest level (-3) in sector U, four chargers are available for all patrons who own electric vehicles, providing greater access to EV owners in Ottawa’s downtown core.

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Leading by example, CIMA+  recently launched an EV support project for employees and clients at its Gatineau office location and proceeded to install four charging stations for electric vehicles (EV). The station project was completed and launched last summer and serves many models of electric vehicles.

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Plug N Drive

The 10,000th electric car being sold in Canada means that we are on the way to reaching the ambitious goal of 600,000 electric cars on Canadian roads by 2020. It also means that everyday drivers are realizing the benefits of driving electric.

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EVs can handle highway speeds just as well as any car and drivers usually overestimate how far they need to travel by a lot. The average daily round trip commute is 29 kilometres – easily managed by an EV on a single charge.


In comparative tests, electric vehicles demonstrate superior operating efficiency compared to gasoline-powered vehicles that use internal combustion engines. This is because there are fewer moving parts, and less energy is wasted in the form of heat. Energy from the battery virtually goes entirely towards motion or cabin temperature regulation. Even if fossil fuels like coal are used to produce the electricity that powers EVs, their efficiency still makes them much more environmentally friendly than traditional cars.

Government Incentives

The government of Ontario will offset the initial price of a new highway capable EV by $5,000 to $8,500 based on the vehicle’s battery capacity. Click here for more information on incentives offered by the Ontario government. EVs in Ontario are also eligible for green licence plates that offer other perks like access to Ontario highways’ HOV lanes.


Although the showroom sticker-price can be up to $10,000 more compared to similar internal combustion engine vehicles, with incentives the payback period can be as little as 2 years for an EV depending on use.


Current battery technology allows the average EV to travel over 150 kilometres in temperate conditions. This technology accounts for the majority of the cost of a new EV. Specialized technologies like what powers Tesla Motors can drive EVs up to 500 kilometers. There is however great concern about range anxiety, the time required to charge, and the environmental impacts of producing and disposing of EV batteries. Innovative solutions are being proposed to overcome these concerns. SmartCar has offered customers an option to rent electric car batteries for $80 per month, in order to lower the upfront price and to ease concerns about having to deal with a sub-par battery after years of use. The challenges behind EV battery technology are great, but programs to reuse and recycle batteries will expand as more consumers adopt EVs. It has already been shown that EV batteries can be converted into backup power units for homes. GM and ABB successfully converted 5 used Chevy Volt batteries into a unit that could power 3-5 homes for 2 hours.


EVs are not only the way of the future but the way forward today.